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When You're Tired of Getting Splinters From Your Deck

Have you ever gotten a splinter from your deck? Staining is one way to stop that from happening. Professional staining will give the surface of your deck a smooth finish. If you're fed up with splinters, reach out to the team at Timber & Hew Home Restoration, LLC

You can count on us for deck staining services in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our wood staining services are also available for other types of wooden structures. We can stain everything from sheds to picnic tables. Call 205-344-0517 to schedule our deck staining services today.

Should you get staining services?

Once you get your deck stained, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. You'll appreciate it because:



  • It can improve the look of your deck
  • It can boost your deck's life span
  • It can get rid of potential hazards









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